Anna E. Mikolay
Zen ZonesZone 1Viewing Zones 2 and 3 Sitting in Zone 2Zone 2- Walking on the stone path.Zone 3 Tea HouseZone 3: Interior of the Tea HouseLeaving Zen Zones
Zen Zones
A Site-Specific Installation
A 40 ' storage container was used to create Zen Zones. Zone 1, encouraged visitors to empty their minds by writing their thoughts/worries on a piece of paper. Looking up through a screen they could view Zone 2, a Japanese like garden with a bench to sit, and a meandering path of stones. Zone 3, a tea house made from wax paper origami envelopes that were stitched together. Visitors could enter the tea house for a private experience. Tea was served at various times throughout the

Gallery Photos: Ben Paige